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National Farmers' Federation

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Members' Council

The Members’ Council is the supreme consultative forum for the National Farmers' Federation (NFF).

Made up of all members, including state farming organisations, commodity councils and Associate Members, representatives are appointed by their respective organisations.

The Members’ Council elects the Directors and officeholders (President and Vice-President) from nominations received from members, and determines:

  • the key priorities for the NFF’s Strategic Plan;
  • elects Committee chairs;
  • receives the budgets and financial reports;
  • determines policy on issues or positions that are outside of the guidance previously agreed; and
  • generally undertakes all functions and powers normally exercised by members or shareholders under the Corporations Act.

The Member's Council formally meets three times a year to discuss and formulate NFF policy. Several special meetings may also take place as needs arise.

Members' Council Representatives

Fiona Simson - President, National Farmers' Federation, Chair, NFF Trade Committee
Les Gordon - Vice President, National Farmers' Federation, Chair, NFF Water Taskforce
Grant Maudsley - President, AgForce, Queensland, NFF Board Director
Mark Horan - Vice President, NSW Farmers' Association, NFF Board Director
Tony Hegarty - Vice Chair, Cattle Council of Australia, NFF Board Director
Derek Schoen - President, NSW Farmers' Association
Paul Schembri - Chairman, CANEGROWERS
Terry Richardson - President (Acting), Australian Dairy Farmers
Andy Madigan - CEO, Australian Livestock and Property Agents Association
Simon Crean - Chairman, Australian Livestock Exporters' Council
Enzo Allara - Chairman, Australian Pork Limited
Dr Paula Parker - President, Australian Veterinary Association
Jodie Goldsworthy - Director, Beechworth Honey Pty Limited
Howard Smith - President, Cattle Council of Australia
James Mifsud - President, Australian Chicken Growers Council Limited
Becs Willson - Nominated Representative, Corporate Agricultural Group
Simon Corish - Chairman, Cotton Australia
Mark King - President, Dried Fruits Australia
Lucinda Corrigan - Director, Farmers for Climate Action
Rebecca Mohr-Bell - Chair, Future Farmers Network
Rick Gates - President, Goat Industry Council of Australia
John Eastburn - Chairman, GrainGrowers Ltd, NFF Board Director, Chair, NFF Infrastructure Taskforce
Rohan Sullivan - Northern Territory Cattlemen’s Association
Tom Stockwell - President, Northern Territory Cattlemen's Association
Richard Stott - Chairman, NSW Irrigators' Council
Chris Wilhelm - President, Pastoralists’ Association of West Darling
Keeton Miles - Chairman, Primary Employers Tasmania
Jeremy Morton - President, Ricegrowers’ Association of Australia
Kat Giles - CEO, Sheepmeat Council of Australia
David Jochinke - President, Victorian Farmers Federation, NFF Board Director
Tony York - President, WAFarmers
Richard Halliday - President, WoolProducers Australia
Ross Hampton - CEO, Australian Forest Products Association
Andrew Finlay - Chairman, Summerfruit Australia
Don Taylor - Chairman, GrainCorp Limited
Angus Trigg - Nominated Representative, GrainCorp Limited
Lyndon Mulligan - Chair, NFF Agriculture and Community Committee
Reg Kidd - Chair, NFF AgVet Chemicals Taskforce
Chris Groves - Chair, NFF Animal Welfare Taskforce
Ron Cullen - Chair, Biosecurity Taskforce
Dan Cooper - Chair, NFF Competitiveness Committee
Mark King - Chair, NFF Drought Taskforce
Amy Fay - Chair, NFF Innovation Committee
Gerald Leach - Chair, NFF Natural Resource Management Committee
Charlie Armstrong - Chair, NFF Workforce Productivity Committee

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