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Letters to the Editor

Following are Letters to the Editor, penned by the National Farmers' Federation (NFF), which have been printed in a variety of publications.

February 2014

  • Our farmers carry their own weight (PDF 141.9 kb)

    The NFF's Letter to the Editor (AFR) clarifies misconceptions of drought policy and reiterates Australian agriculture's potential. The Letter also outlines that Australian producers receive less Government assistance than any other international competitor in the OECD.

  • Economy's bright light (PDF 216.0 kb)

    The NFF's Letter to the Editor looks at the Prime Minister's rural tour to drought affected regions, the importance of agriculture to the Australian economy, and the need for a sensible relief package to viable farming businesses amidst the severe drought gripping much of QLD, NSW, SA and NT.

January 2014

  • Drought relief is realistic public policy (PDF 214.2 kb)

    The NFF's Letter to the Editor in response to the editorial on drought assistance ("Don't subsidise low rainfall", AFR, January 17) raised the valid question - should Australians support farmers during drought?
    In short, the answer has to be yes, if Australians want their high-quality food and fibre to continue to be produced on Australian soil.

December 2011

  • Ag has thousands of positive stories to tell (PDF 20.9 kb)

    The NFF's Letter to the Editor in response to the opinion piece by Ross Gittins in the Sydney Morning Herald that claimed that "we never hear from farmers when times are good" as that would undermine "the media's stereotype that 'the man on the land' is ALWAYS doing it tough". The letter from NFF President Jock Laurie says quite to the contrary - there are thousands of positive stories about farming and agriculture to tell.

November 2011

  • NFF Members' Council votes against the Windsor Bill (PDF 30.4 kb)

    The NFF's Letter to the Editor regarding the proposed 'water trigger' Bills for coal seam gas under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (EPBC Act 1999), and the potential impact of these on agriculture.

October 2011

  • Blueprint for Australian Agriculture (PDF 21.5 kb)

    The NFF's Letter to the Editor regarding the Blueprint for Australian Agriculture and how the NFF intends to “look and listen with responsible intention to the grassroots people in the bush for an appropriate and workable solution”.

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